Bus Rear

Do you know that 30 million people have seen advertising on buses in the last week?

Bus Rear advertising is a cost effective way to reach motorists, pedestrians and passengers in cities and towns in the UK.

Bus Rear adverts feature on single and double decker buses in the UK and take your advertising message directly to drivers and pedestrians on the busy roads and streets, targeting them when they have chance to read and absorb your advertising message.

The Bus Rear format is a great way to target motorists who can read your advert leisurely without danger of distraction to their driving. Targeting a vehicular audience is great when you are looking to capture commuters on their way to work, or promoting products relevant to drivers.

Bus Rear adverts feature on all buses and have a high dwell time for example when a bus is stationary at bus stops or at traffic lights, motorists may also find themselves following your ad down the road in cities and towns.

It is rare for Transport Advertising to offer one-to-one communication with target audiences – this is where the bus rear comes in, being the perfect advertising format to interact with consumers in the captive environment of their car where there only concentration is the road.

Why Advertise on Buses?

The average dwell time is 48 seconds meaning drivers have a long time to absorb the advertising message and familiarise themselves with your brand.

Bus Rear advertising is the an economical choice in Outdoor Advertising as it is generally a lower cost than other external bus sites and offers great return on investment.

Bus Rear advertising is the perfect format for clients that want to have a community presence and speak to their customers on a local or national level. Call us on +971(0)4 372 1277 for your free bus advertising campaign plan.

There are a multitude of different bus products and formats on the market and these can be confusing when you are trying to communicate to your exact audience. Transport Media has all the knowledge and tools to ensure that your bus campaign is being driven down the correct route.

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