Transport for London trials free Wi-Fi

Bus and tube rides in the capital are about to provide passengers with more than just transport connections. Transport for London (TfL) has announced that it is trialling free Wi-Fi on buses. The new internet connection will feature on just two buses – a route 12 riding between Dulwich and Oxford Circus and a route […]

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Lincolnshire County Council promotes Free Childcare with City Bus Campaign

Lincolnshire County Council has enlisted the services of Transport Media to advertise its free childcare services throughout Lincoln. Using the format of bus rear and streetliner advertising, the campaign will promote the council’s message to parents across the city. Launching August 21st, the adverts will run on the city’s buses for four weeks. The campaign […]

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Boris and the Banned Bus Ad

Christian activists have lost a high court ruling over Boris Johnson’s ‘improper and politically-motivated’ ban on a controversial gay advert on a bus.Boris was accused by Campaign group Core Issues Trust (CIT) of abusing his power and imposing the band for “the nakedly political purpose of currying favour with gay lobby groups” and boosting his […]

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Heineken Give Away: Free Taxi Rides

The beer company from Holland is giving away free rides to anyone who buys a beer using a unique Heineken app. As part of the brand’s Open Your City campaign which is ongoing, a fleet of Heineken-branded taxis will transport people across the capital, offering them the chance to ‘discover’ London. These events will take […]

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