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Bemis Europe advertise Carrara & Matta in the UK

Transport Media have planned the tightly targeted Bus Superside campaign for The Bemis Manufacturing Company. The aim of the campaign is to promote the Carrara & Matta toilet seat and bathroom accessories brand, part of Bemis Europe, an asset since 1999. The Italian Design products are supplied primarily to businesses across Europe.

The Bemis Manufacturing Company was founded in 1901 and is the world’s leading producer and distributor of toilet seats operating in key markets around the globe. The manufacturing giant assigned Transport Media to deal with the planning and buying of their Outdoor Advertising.

Transport Media built a close relationship with the client in order to understand their brief and desires for the campaign. The team at Transport Media understands that Outdoor Advertising builds brands by establishing firm foundations in the market, and shows Bemis Europe are confident about their products.

Our Out of Home Specialist recommended the use of Bus Superside advertising as this can target their desired audience on a street level. Bus Advertising allows Transport Media to target specific areas and routes when planning the campaign, ensuring there is no advertising waste, and consumers who would be interested in the premium bathroom brand have the opportunity to see the campaign.

Outdoor Advertising drives consumer search into companies as they want to know about the brand they see on the street, this research can range from an internet search for the company or shopping for the product advertised. Those who see the Bus Superside campaign may be unaware of Carrara & Matta, and therefore research into the brand. Bemius Europe have included the website address in their artwork which is highlighted on the side of the bus on the eye level of passers-by on the street, and other road users travelling by the bus.

The campaign is currently running until 16th October 2011 in Manchester and London building a large presence in both cities which have a large amount of business commuters who would have an interest in the products Bemis Europe has to offer.

Outdoor Advertising generates personality for brands. Not all consumers may be able to relate to a manufacturing company, but the very fact they are proud of their products to showcase them in an outdoor arena shows them as a trustworthy company with a quality, desirable product range.Transport Media - Carrara & Matta - Bus Superside