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Benefits of investing in Transport Advertising

Advertising has a direct purpose of leveraging a brand’s presence in the market and influencing buying behaviours for target consumers. Combining this initial purpose with transport formats is the perfect catalyst for a successful marketing campaign. 

Below are some key benefits of Transport Advertising and why it’s important to consider this format in any above the line, brand building strategy. 

Capturing the attention of consumers 

Transport Advertising (also known as Transit Advertising) is effective in many ways, one of the utmost benefits being its ability to capture the attention of desired consumers. Placed on or in any mode of transport, this format of advertising allows brands to express their product or service through amplified creative (in front of 9 million transit users every week). This then sparks the initial seed of interest the consumer has for a brand, kick-starting the consumer path to purchase. 

Delivering to a varied audience

Transport Advertising allows your brand’s key message to run for an extended period of time and reach a varied audience with separate interests. There are no limitations on the number of eyeballs that will see your campaign and therefore the possibility of returns is endless. In addition, there is no way of consumers shying away from the campaign so therefore, frequency is certain. Most daily commuters travel the same route each day for the same duration of time, giving your campaign a permanent impression in the consumer’s mind through long exposure. 

Impulse Buying through Just-in-Time Ads 

Recent studies show 78.2% of British adults have succumbed to impulse online shopping, with majority shopping whilst on their way. Combining your brand’s already existing position in the market with a Transport Advertising campaign could be the final touchpoint before a user converts. Transport Advertising also allows your campaign to become the ‘Just-in-Time’ advertisement, whereby you have the ability to position your brand in the perfect location for purchase. For example, placing the route of your Transport Advertising campaign close to store. 

If you’re searching for the next step on how to leverage your brand’s presence in the market and want to learn more about the options available for you, then get in touch today!