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Bus Rear Ad Campaign Promotes Blakelands’ Premium Care

Media Agency Group’s transport advertising specialist subdivision, Transport Media, has recently launched an exciting new advertising campaign alongside Milton Keynes’ private healthcare facility, Blakelands Hospital, who wish to promote their Premium Healthcare range. The locally-targeted bus rear advertisements will be on display on as many as 19 of the city’s buses for the next four weeks, having launched on 27 April.

Blakelands Hospital Bus Rear Advertisement

A range of different ad creatives are being featured in the campaign, focusing on the care offered by Blakelands and the facilities available at the hospital. Bus rear advertising is one of the most cost-effective methods of reaching motorists, pedestrians and passengers in cities and towns in the UK, taking a message directly onto busy roads and streets. Bus rear ads feature on both single and double decker buses, and offer a high-dwell time when a bus is stationary at stops, in traffic or on the move.

Blakelands Hospital Bus Rear Ad

Blakelands Hospital, located in Blakelands, just outside Milton Keynes, is a purpose-built day case unit, designed to provide outpatient facilities for the assessment and treatment of patients. The treatment centre has two operating theatres for day case surgical procedures. The advertisements showcase several of Blakelands’ services, including general surgery, cosmetic surgery, physiotherapy and orthopaedics.

John Kehoe, the Managing Director of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, said: “This latest bus rear advertising campaign from Transport Media features a number of great advertisements on show across several buses in Milton Keynes. We’re happy to have delivered a premium advertising campaign for a hospital that prides itself on providing premium care.