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CBS Outdoor UK Launch London Worker Planning Tool to Help Advertisers and Agencies Target Workers in the Capital

Image of Study Poster

CBS Outdoor UK has launched a quantitative study in order to better understand London workers who are drawn to employment in the capital.

The London worker research specifically analyses the day-to-day movement and media habits of London’s 3.8 million workers, providing insights into where London workers are spending their time, the areas in which they work, transport usage, media consumption as well as their shopping and socialising behaviour.

The research saw 3,000 respondents representing London’s 1.7 million inner and 2.1 million outer workers, the survey in partnership with Dipsticks, comprised of an in-depth questionnaire of 70 questions. A cluster analysis of the 3,000 responses, based on attitude and lifestyle statements, has seen the survey broken down into the following worker segments: Everyday Families / Community Roots / Regular Guy / Career & the City / Eclectic Liberals / Quality Seekers / Material Girls & Boys / Modern Man.

To coincide with the launch CBS Outdoor UK has also released a creative campaign at Goodge Street tube station which aims to showcase the London Worker Planning Tool to advertisers and the insights it can provide in targeting London urban audiences.

By redefining where Londoners spend their time, rather than where they live, the research aims to be a planning tool to help advertisers and agencies better target London audiences. MPG is one of the first agencies to have seen the research, Denise Turner, head of intelligence at MPG Media Contacts, commented: “It is great to see media owners producing media neutral research.

“London workers are clearly a highly desirable audience so the ability to target and plan a campaign is invaluable to relevant clients in the MPG portfolio and a welcome addition to the tools at our disposal.”

Marketing director at CBS Outdoor UK, Simon Harrington, said the research gave advertisers a “media neutral way of targeting the 700,000 London workers who live outside the capital.”

What do you think about CBS latest move? Do you think this will help the industry as a whole?