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Creative Adverts Make Buses Stand Out and Entertain

There are a number of benefits of choosing to promote a company or product on moving transport, with buses in particular offering high exposure campaigns which can successfully target certain geographical areas. Whereas billboards and posters require the consumer to come to you, buses can take your adverts on the road, and with 90% of the UK population living within five minutes of a bus route, your ads are guaranteed to stand out and make an impact.

Bus campaigns can often allow advertisers to be a bit more creative with their moving adverts, and there have been some fantastic examples of campaigns that have used buses to their advantage in recent years. But why tell you when we can show you? Here are a selection of some of Transport Media’s favourite innovative bus advertisements.

Tight Squeeze for Copenhagen Bus Passengers

Copenhagen Zoo ran this creative bus campaign, which creates the illusion that the bus is being crushed by a giant snake, to encourage residents of the Danish capital to visit one of Europe’s oldest zoos. 

Creative Bus Advertisement Campaign for Copenhagen Zoo

NZ Dating Takes Love On the Streets

New Zealand dating website NZ Dating ran these dual bus advertisements encouraging people to go out and find their perfect match.

Bus Campaign for NZ Dating Features Dual Adverts

Lobster on the Menu for Wellington

This creative ad was used to promote the ‘Wellington on a Plate’ culinary festival, featuring a lobster with a protruding antenna. Let’s hope there are no low bridges in Wellington…

Creative Bus Campaign Featuring Giant Lobster for Food Festival in Wellington

Flexible Toothbrush Hits the Streets

Leading German toothbrush brand Dr. Best highlighted just how flexible their new ‘Flex’ toothbrush is, by taking advantage of the joint between the two bus carriages.

Dr. Best Flex Advertising Campaign for Double Carriage Bus

Shark Bus Built for the Kill

This campaign used bus doors to promote ‘Shark Week’ on the National Geographic Channel, with boarding passengers swallowed whole by a hungry Great White.

National Geographic Bus Advert Featuring Shark

To discuss your own bus campaign with a company who know how to make your ads stand out, get in touch with Transport Media today.