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Lincolnshire County Council promotes Free Childcare with City Bus Campaign

Lincolnshire County Council has enlisted the services of Transport Media to advertise its free childcare services throughout Lincoln.

Lincolnshire County Council advertising campaign

Using the format of bus rear and streetliner advertising, the campaign will promote the council’s message to parents across the city.

Launching August 21st, the adverts will run on the city’s buses for four weeks. The campaign will be enhanced later in the year, when it relaunches for two further month-long campaigns in October and December.

Advertising on the city’s buses using two different format maximises reach to audiences whilst ensuring the message resonates with locals.

Reaching pedestrians, motorists and passengers, Lincolnshire council’s campaign will effectively target parents on the way to work or taking their children to paid for childcare arrangements – those unaware of the free help already on offer. The campaign clearly advertises the childcare available, as well as a unique web address for parnets to find out more information.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Transport Media’s parent company, Media Agency Group, said:

“Advertising on a city’s buses is a fantastic mobile format to create a noticeable campaign that generates impact across a large area. With many adults struggling to balance their work-life relationship, this will undoubtedly be a welcome message to parents throughout Lincoln.”