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Mid Sussex Council Use Transport Media To Encourage Recycling

Transport Media are leading an environmentally friendly marketing campaign for Mid Sussex Council which encourages households to recycle their bathroom rubbish. Adverts will be placed across bus rears for a total of four weeks, using vehicles based at Bexhill Depot in order to target the surrounding region covered by Mid Sussex Council.

Bus Rear Advertising


The advert is introduced with large green and blue text which reads ‘Upstairs, downstairs, where do you recycle?’, accompanied by an image of recyclable items. The council initiative strives to boost domestic waste management by suggesting that residents put ‘one more thing from your bathroom into your blue lidded bin’. A list of accepted rubbish is positioned within a green text box, providing adequate information to aid the scheme. A telephone number also offers the public a method of acquiring further details if necessary.


Mid Sussex Council currently recycles around 45% of waste throughout the district, with colour-coded bins in place to guide households towards adhering to the correct disposal methods. In order to promote the regeneration of discarded items, the council has also planned local recycling roadshows at the communal hubs of Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets, directing the public into creating a greener region.


With over 90% of the population living within 5 minutes of a bus route, bus advertising can effectively project messages through targeted areas. Transport Media have extensive experience in the out of home industry, enabling Mid Sussex Council to benefit from their professional knowledge and thus execute an effective marketing solution. Advertising on bus rears allows drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists to all access a particular message; and, as local transport users are likely to live within close proximity, this provides a substantial stage upon which to present a regional campaign.