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Out Of Home Advertising Goes For Gold

Whether you were in the country’s capital or not over summer, chances are high that you’ve seen some form of outdoor reference to London’s 2012 Olympic events. What you will have also been exposed to are a multitude of promotional formats stemming from games sponsors. From Coca-Cola logos splashed across bus supersides to this cheeky Durex billboard, outdoor advertising has fortified its position in the global market.

An influx of amplified creativity levels means that companies such as Samsung, Adidas, Heineken, Cadbury and BMW have all contributed to a record quarter for the UK advertising industry, resulting in over a £50million increase on 2011 figures.

With successful campaigns burning positive imagery into the minds of the public, it seems that out of home advertising is an effective format to invest in. This medium is not merely for businesses as prestigious as the Olympic Sponsors – any level of company can experience equally as beneficial results by working with specialist teams such as ourselves, as our expertise is perfectly positioned to continue this ever-growing trend in multiple formats of outdoor promotion.

For more information about the different types of outdoor advertising on offer, have a browse over the following available options:
Mobile Billboards
Rail and Tram
London Underground