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Cuts are criminal, and the message is ACT NOW

The Police Federation are passionate in opposing the planned government cuts to the police service, and are ensuring their message reaches the UK population in a hard hitting Outdoor Advertising Campaign.

Tensions are high in the wake of the England riots and widespread disorder experienced earlier this month and the pressure is building for the coalition to scrap the proposed policing cuts. The Police Federation are a national organization representing 124000 police officers who aim to prevent further “chaos” that the lack of funding could cause.

The Police Federation contacted Out of Home International in a bid to get their campaign message seen by as many people as possible. The multimedia campaign will commence August Bank Holiday when people will be out of their offices and on the streets to see the first promotion burst of bus advertising around the West Midlands surrounding Birmingham, one of the worst affected areas of the England Riots.

The message is clear, cuts are criminal and the public need to act now. West Midlands Police Federation chairman Andy Gilbert (pictured) calls on everyone who cares about policing to support the campaign for a Royal Commission on policing. He said of the campaign, “It is clear that the future of policing can only be established through a Royal Commission. This current piecemeal approach to policing must stop or it will end in disaster.  The proposals of the government are fragmented and chaotic. Policing has been a political football for far too long”.

Out of Home International have devised a head strong campaign, targeting high usage bus routes to ensure there is substantial opportunity for commuters to see the thought provoking art work. The campaign will continue to run through September, and will be accompanied by an impressive back lit billboard strategically placed in the premium location of Broad Street in Birmingham.

Out Of Home International - Police Federation - Backlit Billboard

Broad Street is Birmingham’s busiest and most popular entertainment, leisure and business destination and is the perfect place for the bright art work to be showcased to the thousands that visit the area. Quoting the Liberal Democrats 2010 manifesto, the billboard will force viewers to think about the change in direction the government have taken in terms of police support and funding.

Out of Home International recommended a large billboard format for the artwork as a billboard imparts stature and trust; which is crucial when dealing with such a serious campaign.

Steve Cairney, head designer at Out of Home International worked closely with The Police Federation, and considered the brief and important messages they wish to convey. Cairney designed the adverts to be used on the bus advertising campaign throughout the West Midlands.

Out Of Home International - Police Federation - Bus Advert

The artwork shows two officers patrolling the public street, a typically British scene which could be in decline in the future if the cuts to funding go ahead. The posters remind the public that if they would like police officers serving their neighbourhood they must support the call for a Royal Commission to save the Police Service.

Andy Gilbert is extremely pleased with the campaign, “We chose to use Outdoor Advertising as we wanted as many people as possible to see our message, and understand the power that the people have to support the call for a Royal Commission”.

Selected police officers and members of The Police Federation will be hitching a ride on the branded buses at the Cannock bus depot 6th September 2011 for a unique public appearance organised by Out of Home International. The event held in Cannock will raise the profile of the campaign and fantastic advertising used by The Police Federation, and offer a unique public relations opportunity for journalists to interact directly with the campaign and its ambassadors.

Buses are on the road approximately seventeen hours per day ensuring passengers, road users and passers-by will see the poignant artwork. 86% of consumers can remember one or more bus adverts they’ve seen, and 30 million people have seen advertising on the outside of a bus in the last week.

“Out of Home International are extremely proud to present this multi media campaign for The Police Federation and wish them every success in their plight in achieving a call for a Royal Commission” John Kehoe, managing director of Out of Home International.

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