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“Smartphone, Stupid Driver” – Parrot to run a Smart Outdoor campaign

Parrot, the market leader in installed Bluetooth hands-free car kits, is running a communications campaign to emphasise the consequences of drivers using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

The campaign comes after research from the AA has shown that more than 170,000 motorists per year in England and Wales are caught using their mobile phone whilst driving. The Outdoor Advertising campaign will launch 3rd September 2012 and is designed to highlight the consequences of using a mobile phone, and how this can be avoided by purchasing a Parrot device.

The campaign will run in key locations such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester and Watford, and will point consumers towards the Parrot Certified Installers network. This network gives customers the opportunity to purchase a Parrot hands-free car kit with a full installation service from one of the 450 local Certified Installers situated across the UK and Ireland. The installation service offers reassurance that the hands-free car kit will be fitted professionally by a specialist to encourage drivers to avoid breaking the Law and more importantly offering a safer driving experience.

Advertising on bus rears and petrol pumps were recommended by Transport Media’s media planning and buying team as they are perfect position to target drivers safely whilst they are out on the road, and may consider committing an offence by using their mobile phone.

The adverts will run with the strap-line “Smartphone, Stupid Driver” and tells drivers “Avoid penalty points, a £60 fine and higher insurance premiums”. The campaign will also be supported with online advertising and radio advertising.