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Transport for London trials free Wi-Fi

Bus and tube rides in the capital are about to provide passengers with more than just transport connections. Transport for London (TfL) has announced that it is trialling free Wi-Fi on buses.

The new internet connection will feature on just two buses – a route 12 riding between Dulwich and Oxford Circus and a route RV1 bus operating between Covent Garden and Tower Hill.

The service will allow passengers to keep in touch through email and social media, surf the net and complete other online activities as they travel around London.

Depending on the success of the service, TfL will seek out sponsors to finance rolling out the service across a fleet of buses without cost to taxpayers or passengers.

Simon Reed, head of TfL’s Technical Services Group said:

“London buses have always led the way with new technology on its network, benefiting the millions of passengers who make the most of the extensive network every day.

“Innovation is a key theme of the Year of the Bus and we have worked with our suppliers to find new and innovative ways to further improve the experience of our passengers. These trials will establish whether this technology provides genuine benefits to people on the move.”

Screens that provide passengers with real time progress of buses on maps about arrival times and next stops are also being trialled at the moment.

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