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Transport Media drives Secure Parking into Liverpool

Secure Parking is using bus advertising from Transport Media to ensure that motorists in Liverpool are aware of their latest promotion.



Their “two weeks free parking” offer will be displayed as bus rear advertising throughout Liverpool from early May. The four week campaign celebrates Secure Parking’s opening of the Liverpool Central Car Park, and gives the city’s drivers the opportunity to sign up for two weeks of free parking.

Bold colour and images are used to create an engaging advert, detailing the Secure Parking website address to encourage audiences to find out more about the promotion.

Perfectly positioned to engage with motorists, bus rear advertising demands attention from captive audiences and places Secure Parking’s message directly in front of key consumers.

The company’s branding and social media icons are also included to develop brand awareness and encourage social engagement.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, said:

“The bus rear format is a great way to target motorists and promote relevant products, and is ideal for Secure Parking in promoting their new opening. This campaign will undoubtedly create real interest and response to their targeted promotion.”