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Transport Media Encourage Global Exploration with the China National Tourist Office

In pursuit of Britons seeking a travel destination, Transport Media are initiating a London-based marketing strategy for the China National Tourist Office, using multiple outdoor formats in order to raise interest in the country as a holiday option.

September will see a heavyweight taxi superside campaign featuring over 200 branded vehicles, followed by support from bus superside adverts which will run on central Gold routes. The London Underground network is currently displaying powerful cross-track 96 sheet billboards.

China Tourism - Cross Track Billboard

The campaign creatives all strive to represent the myriad of picturesque scenery that can be enjoyed throughout China, from native giant pandas to the cultural architecture of the Forbidden City and the breath-taking mountain ranges of Zhang Jia Jie. A ‘Beautiful China’ logo along with the China National Tourist Office name reinforces the photographic content, ensuring that the country is synonymous with the appealing imagery.

As part of the China National Tourism Administration, 15 China National Tourist Offices exist around the world in order to promote and reinforce the Chinese tourism industry. With around 100 million annual visitors, China continues to grow in popularity for international travellers.

China Tourism - Bus Superside

Advertising with Transport Media supplies London’s China National Tourist Office with a variety of marketing benefits, with the combined formats of bus, taxi and Underground advertising all fusing to cement China as a prevalent tourist destination. A presence along Gold bus routes provides unrivalled high-frequency access to central London pedestrians, supplemented by the iconic presence of taxi superside adverts which target the city’s affluent passengers. Cross track billboards present an unavoidable canvas on the Underground, targeting London’s professional community and profiting from extended dwell time on platforms.

CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, Lee Dentith, said:

“London is the ultimate location for targeting the nation’s travellers, with its high concentration of affluent and international residents. Heavyweight activity across central public transit routes will secure a position for China as a genuine holiday option, raising interest amongst high-profile urban professionals.”