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Transport Media Engage With Business Networks For Cumbria Chamber of Commerce

Transport Media have been enlisted by Cumbria Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the organisation of an outdoor advertising strategy to promote their role in supporting business growth.

Bus rear advertising will be implemented on the 13th May for a total of four weeks, reinforced by a two-week period of bus superside advertising from the 20th May.

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce -  Super Side

Two artworks will be used to communicate the campaign, the first of which focuses on the organisation’s trading name of Cumbria Business Growth Hub. A black background displays the company name and logo, accompanied by the translucent image of an empty dual carriageway covered by the strapline ‘is your business working hard enough for you?’ along with telephone and website contact details. The second advert adopts a white backdrop, introducing the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce & Industry brand in the top, right corner. The headline ‘Starting your own business? Pick the right mix’ is complemented by a line of Jelly Baby men, followed by the words ‘success is sweet’. A telephone number encourages onlookers to contact the organisation for free business support and further information, and the European Union logo appears on both versions to promote reputability.

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce Bus Rear

With extensive industry experience, Transport Media are fullly equipped to lead the advertising brief set by Cumbria Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Bus rear adverts effectively engage with motorists, offering a higher dwell time as they travel in front of vehicles. Bus supersides are able to project brands across vast public spaces, with powerful visibility across an iconic platform. The combination of external and interior formats ensures thorough campaign coverage, with the recognisable bus platform accessing the public at street level with high-frequency exposure.