Cross Track Domination

Allow your brand to stand out across the London Underground network, with Cross Track Domination from Transport Media.

As urbanites travel through this heavily accessed central environment, your brand could be projected across a significant audience as they traverse stations, presenting a durable marketing experience along the entire passenger-facing platform wall.

Directly visible to the mass of daily commuters and tourists entering the London Underground, Cross Track Domination allows advertisers to maximise their creativity with vast spaces directly opposite their audience, ensuring high-frequency and unavoidable projection of your campaign. Working either as a standalone targeted feature or as part of a multi-format project, Cross Track Domination powerfully engages with the public as they wait for the tube to arrive at the platform. Present along major areas of public traffic, this format enables extended dwell time as it provides inescapable access across all passengers along the platform.

From the retail-centric environments around Oxford Circus, Shepherd’s Bush and Bond Street through to the theatrical hubs at Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, Cross Track Domination allows brands to target pedestrians en route towards significant points of sale. Over 3.5 million users enter the London Underground network every day, making it an unparalleled spot for generating exposure across a substantial audience.

Past advertisers include Direct Line, Cancer Research and Coca Cola, reflecting the versatility of Cross Track Domination as a method of influencing audiences, particularly in locations where they are already prepared to spend. 

Advertising with Cross Track Domination provides the perfect format for clients looking to generate high-impact exposure for their brand.