Advertise to a huge audience of London Underground users at Uxbridge station, brought to you by the specialists at Transport Media

Uxbridge Tube station is in the North West London, falling within the Borough of Hillingdon in Transport for London’s Fare Zone 6. Advertising at this station will reach an annual footfall of nearly seven million passengers travelling on the Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines.

On average, consumers spend over three minutes engaging with adverts placed on the London Underground, with the average journey time of more than thirteen minutes allowing plenty of time for the message to be properly communicated in the carriages themselves. A staggering 79% of users have taken direct action as the result of a Tube ad, whether influencing a purchasing decision, causing them to attend an event or simply spurring them on to search for further information online – which is further aided by the rollout of public Wi-Fi across the network.

Formats available for advertisers at Uxbridge Tube station include 4 sheet billboards, train car panels and ticket gateway – which target passengers at every entry and exit point.

Transport Media offers tube advertising across all stations on the London Underground.