Croydon Tram

Advertising with the Croydon Tram network

The Croydon Tram system serves Croydon town centre and the surrounding areas of Wimbledon, Addington and Beckenham Junction. The tramlink is located in the South of Greater London. Tram advertising has the power to reach and connect with a diverse audience, encompassing not only locals and commuters, but travelling tourists and everyone in between.

As a one of the most popular public transport services in the Croydon area offers a wide variety of advertising formats at each stop, including 4 to 48 sheet billboards, lift escalator panels and train car panels.

The Croydon tram link is mainly a one-way loop through and is 18 miles in length. It lays in the nucleus of Croydon town centre and is unique in that it mostly uses an old railway lines. Future extensions to the line are being planned throughout South London.

The area sees vast numbers of passengers thanks to its location in the south of London. Its close links to the centre of the capital provide the region with fast connections to the entire city.

The Croydon Tram has 39 stops and each platform has a shelter, passenger information display and boards with local area maps and timetables.

Each stop has an Oyster card reader and ‘Touch In’ and ‘Touch Out’ options, allowing passengers to use Transport for London travel passes. The Tram link in Croydon is effectively an extension of the wider London Public transport system.

Advertising on this tram system allows you to reach a wide network of London passengers.

A full list of stops is presented below: