Advertise in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Position your brand or business in front of millions of consumers, tourists and business travellers and advertise in Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris.


Advertising in Charles de Gaulle International Airport offers companies the chance to gain global attention of their brand by advertising in front of an international audience of millions. As the world’s eighth busiest airport by passenger traffic in 2014, and with a range of advertising formats available, advertise in Paris Charles de Gaulle International with Transport Media for a campaign that will increase brand awareness of your business on a global scale.

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Target millions of passengers

  • In 2014 almost 64 million passengers passed through the gates of Charles de Gaulle airport, ranking it as the world’s eighth busiest airport.
  • It is also the second busiest airport throughout the whole of Europe, making it the ideal advertising location for brands looking to improve their brand with a European audience.
  • Advertise in Charles de Gaulle International to reach a wide range of passengers, with millions of business travellers and tourists flying in and out of Paris on a regular basis.

A global audience

  • Charles de Gaulle International Airport advertising will position your brand’s advertisements in France’s largest international airport.
  • The airport serves a wide range of airlines with flights across the entire globe taking off each day. It is the main hub for the country’s flag carrier, Air France, as well as countless other business and budget airlines.
  • Advertise in Charles de Gaulle International for a campaign that will have a huge impact on potential consumers around the globe, whether they’re in France as business travellers or tourists.

Why Paris?

  • Paris is one of the world’s most famous popular tourist destinations, with hotels in the French capital recording over 22 million visitor arrivals in 2014.
  • The city is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful places to visit, with a rich history in culture and art ensuring that its popularity as a tourist destination never dwindles.
  • Advertising in Charles de Gaulle Airport can provide brands with fantastic exposure, no matter who their target audience are. Famous Parisian attractions such as the Louvre Museum, the iconic Eiffel Tower and Disneyland Paris mean that your campaign will reach people of all ages, cultures and occupations.
  • Paris is also considered as one of the world’s top ten financial cities, with good levels of employment growth and travel connections making Charles de Gaulle Airport the ideal airport to target business travellers.


At Transport Media we have an experienced team of experts who can plan and deliver your Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport advertising campaign today.

We work with a range of formats including billboards, digital billboards, shuttles, taxis, transport, interactive media and other airport advertising media to ensure that your campaign is as effective and as memorable as it can be.

For a strategic advertising campaign that targets a global audience of millions, get in touch with Transport Media today.