Programmatic Outdoor Advertising

Programmatic advertising refers to the automation of buying and selling digital advertising media.

We use programmatic technology to efficiently buy or bid on digital ad inventory, with less (and sometimes no) direct communication needed with the media owners.

Why Programmatic Outdoor Advertising?

Advertisers are using more and more real-time data feed (for example, breaking news, promotions, game scores) in Out of Home , which is producing great examples of  campaign planning techniques.

It also reduces much of the manual back and forth that comes with the middle steps of buying and selling, including IOs, and it allows us to control a variety of aspects for a campaign from real world event synchronisation and much more.

At Transport Media, our dedicated specialists will work with you to create a seamless process for selecting and buying the right digital network. We won’t leave you confused, instead we’ll simply analyse your objectives until we secure the right plan for you. Get in touch today.