Advertise in Frankfurt am Main International Airport

Frankfurt am Main International Airport advertising is the perfect way to position your brand in front of millions of business travellers arriving into the largest financial centre in continental Europe.


Advertise in Frankfurt Airport with Transport Media for a campaign that offers a huge global reach, with a range of advertising formats available in one of the world’s busiest airports.

Who we work with

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Target millions from around the globe

  • The opportunities that Frankfurt International Airport advertising can bring for your brand are enormous, with Frankfurt the busiest airport in Germany by some distance.
  • It is the third busiest airport in Europe and the eleventh busiest in the world – just under 60 million passengers passed through its gates in 2014.
  • Frankfurt Airport advertising allows you to target a truly global audience. With regular flights to 264 destinations in 113 counties, it is the airport with the most international destinations worldwide.

Reach your perfect audience

  • Frankfurt am Main International Airport advertising provides your brand with a platform to increase brand awareness, drive sales and encourage investment on a global scale.
  • The city’s status as one of the world’s leading financial centres gives you the opportunity to target an influential audience of bankers, business executives and decision-makers from around the world.
  • With international flights across the globe, advertise in Frankfurt Airport and target business flyers and tourists of various nationalities, languages and cultures whilst they are in a captive environment and have money to spend.

Why Frankfurt?

  • Located just 7.5 miles away from central Frankfurt and near the Autobahn intersection of two of Europe’s busiest motorways (A3 and A5), advertising in Frankfurt Airport can make an impact on Germany and the rest of Europe, with internal and external media formats available.
  • Frankfurt ranks amongst the world’s leading financial centres and is home to the European Central Bank, Deutsche Bundesbank and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, along with several other major commercial banks.
  • Millions of affluent and influential bankers and business travellers arrive in Frankfurt each year, with Frankfurt Airport advertising making an instant impact as they arrive into the city, fuelling future purchases and heavy investment.
  • Frankfurt is also famed for its culture, tourism and education, with Frankfurt International Airport advertising providing you with the chance to target visitors to the city, as well as the next generation of powerful business leaders.


At Transport Media we work with a range of advertising formats to provide innovative media solutions for your Frankfurt am Main International Airport advertising campaign.

By targeting specific terminals, gates and lounges, we can ensure that your campaign reaches your perfect target audience and is as effective as possible. We even offer a range of external airport ad formats, such as exterior billboards, taxis – even in-flight magazine advertising.

To find out more about what advertising in Frankfurt am Main International Airport could do for your business, get in touch with us today over the phone or via our online contact form.