Advertise in London Gatwick Airport

Position your brand in front of millions of potential consumers, business travellers and tourists by advertising in Gatwick Airport.


Serving one of the world’s most famous cities and the financial capital of Europe, London Gatwick Airport advertising across a range of available formats enables your brand to gain maximum exposure in front of millions of tourists and business flyers entering and leaving the UK.

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Huge passenger numbers

  • In 2014 over 38 million passengers passed through the gates of Gatwick Airport.
    This makes it the second-busiest international airport in the United Kingdom.
  • Gatwick Airport is also one of the top 40 busiest airports in the world, with international flights to hundreds of countries across the globe.
  • Advertising in Gatwick Airport gives your brand invaluable exposure in front of millions of business travellers each month, with London consistently ranking as Europe’s most-visited destination for those on business trips.

Reach an international audience

  • Advertise in Gatwick Airport with Transport Media to gain international attention for your business or brand.
  • Gatwick Airport is home to several major flag carrier airlines, as well as low-cost budget airlines. This ensures that your campaign will reach those who matter, regardless of what your target demographic is.
  • With up to 55 flights taking off each hour, Gatwick Airport advertising offers brand exposure to countless tourists, travellers and business flyers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why London Gatwick?

  • Millions of British and international passengers pass through Gatwick Airport each year, with people spending an average of two hours in the airport. This offers high dwell time of ad campaigns by reaching an audience in a captive environment.
  • Advertising in Gatwick Airport UK provides you with a range of options, allowing you to target specific terminals, gates or lounges in order to ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience possible.
  • The airport has two terminals, each containing a range of restaurants, bars and shops. Gatwick Airport shopping advertising allows you to take advantage of travellers who are currently looking to make purchases as they seek a welcome distraction from waiting to board their upcoming flights.
  • With London undeniably the financial capital of Europe, London Gatwick Airport advertising provides an opportunity like no other to reach a lucrative business-focused audience, many of whom have high influence and purchasing power.
  • As a city, London is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster and more bringing in millions of visitors from around the globe – with many of these visitors exposed to your advertisements.


For more information on what a London Gatwick Airport advertising campaign could do for your business or brand, speak to Transport Media today by phone or online contact form.

Working with a range of ad formats available both in and out of the airport building itself, including billboards, digital screens, taxi liveries, banners, posters and in-flight magazine ads, Transport Media is the number one choice to help your Gatwick Airport advertising campaign take off.