Advertise in Melbourne Airport

Launch a Melbourne international airport advertising campaign with Transport Media to increase brand awareness in one of the major financial centres of the Asia-Pacific region.


Advertise in Melbourne Airport and target international business flyers in Australia’s second busiest airport, with direct flights to 33 destinations across the country as well as numerous destinations across Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

We work with agencies and direct clients

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Reach millions of passengers

  • Melbourne international airport advertising can offer your business exposure on a huge scale, with over 30 million passengers passing through its gates each year.
  • By positioning your brand’s campaign in specific terminals, gates and departure lounges, Transport Media can ensure that your ads reach your perfect target audience.
  • Advertise in Melbourne Airport and target flyers of major airlines, such as Qantas and Virgin Australia.

Target an influential and global audience

  • A Melbourne Airport advertising campaign can position your brand in an increasingly busy airport, with regular flights to countries around the world.
  • The Melbourne to Sydney air route is the third most-travelled passenger air route in the world, allowing you to make a major impact in the Australian market, as well as internationally.
  • Melbourne international airport advertising provides a fantastic opportunity to reach both tourists and business passengers from around the globe who hold significant influence and purchasing power.

Why Melbourne?

  • Melbourne is one of Australia’s major financial centres, and one of the most business-focused cities in the entire Asia-Pacific region.
  • Advertising in Melbourne Airport allows your brand to make an impact on business executives and key decision-makers as soon as they arrive Down Under, and is a great way to raise your profile on a global scale with passengers flying in from around the world.
  • Tourism in Australia continues to increase, with an 8% year-on-year rise in visitor numbers recorded in 2014. Advertise in Melbourne Airport to target your key audience, increase brand awareness and drive product sales.


At Transport Media we work with a range of digital and traditional advertising formats to bring you an innovative media solution at an affordable cost.

To find out more about what Melbourne international airport advertising could do for your business and brand on a global scale, get in touch with us today via phone or online contact form.