Advertise in Munich International Airport

Target an international audience of millions by advertising in Munich Airport – one of the busiest airports in Europe.


Advertise in Munich International Airport with Transport Media and promote your business as a major global brand. As one of the busiest airports in the world by international passenger traffic, it offers a fantastic opportunity to advertise your brand in front a diverse and global audience of potential customers.

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Target millions of passengers

  • Munich International Airport is the seventh busiest airport throughout the whole of Europe, handling nearly 40 million passengers in 2014 alone.
  • As of March 2015, Munich Airport operates flights to 228 destinations in 66 countries, offering exposure of your advertising campaign to a huge international audience.
  • Advertise in Munich Airport to reach millions of passengers, encourage purchases and raise brand awareness on a global scale.

Reach a key audience

  • Munich Airport advertising from Transport Media provides your brand with a platform to reach business executives and important international decision makers arriving into the Bavarian capital.
  • Munich has the strongest economy of any German city and is the economic centre of Southern Germany – making it a powerful global financial centre.
  • It is home to the headquarters of several large international companies, such as Siemens, BMW and Allianz. Advertising in Munich International Airport is a great way to reach those with purchasing power and influence with your brand.

Why Munich?

  • One of the most famous cities in Europe, Munich Airport welcomes millions of business flyers and tourists each month, offering you brand exposure in front of a key audience.
  • Transport Media can offer you a range of innovative media solutions for your Munich Airport advertising campaign, allowing you to target specific terminals, gates and lounges to ensure your ads reach the perfect target market.
  • With the strongest economy in Germany, as well as the lowest unemployment rate, Munich is a city with major purchasing power, with tourists, residents and business flyers passing through the airport – all with money to spend.
  • This provides you with the opportunity to instantly make an impact on those arriving and influence future purchases through advertising in Munich International Airport.
  • The city is home to FC Bayern Munich, one of the world’s most famous and successful football clubs, with major global appeal.


At Transport Media, we have years of experience in planning and delivering successful international airport advertising campaigns. Working with a range of ad formats inside the airport as well as externally, our Munich Airport advertising campaigns are a fantastic way to project your business as a major global brand in front of a key audience.

For more information about what advertising in Munich International Airport could do for your business, speak to us today over the phone or via online contact form.