Coving Panels & Bulkheads

Internal Coving Panel and Bulkhead advertisements make bold, unmissable statements on the inside of buses servicing city and urban routes.

Coving Panel and Bulkhead bus advertising formats have the ability to showcase brand messages to consumers on the move. Extended dwell time when riding a bus offers a unique opportunity for consumers to take in advertising messages in a relaxed environment.

Bulkhead and Coving Panel adverts are portrait in layout and are situated in key locations within the bus, often head on above luggage racks and behind the drivers seat in the eye-line of passengers making them unavoidable.

The visual prominence of Coving Panels and Bulkheads combined with enhanced journey / dwell time makes these advertisements very effective and difficult to miss. Around 5 billion bus journeys are made annually in the UK taking on average 30 minutes – this huge and receptive audience are available to advertisers who choose to advertise on internal passenger panels.

Whether it is Sharing / QR codes, phone numbers, offers, web addresses, or location passengers have the time to take in this information in the captive environment of the bus.

Most consumers are looking for distractions when riding on buses and therefore welcome internal advertising. Smart phone technology means consumers can engage with your brands with Bluetooth enabled ads on ‘Content Buses’, QR codes, visiting websites and social media links from your ad.

Bulkhead and Coving Panel advertising are part of the internal bus format portfolio which also includes Bus Headliners which feature above passenger windows.


The average passenger travels on the same bus journeys and route for their daily commute or venture to the shops, which allows advertisers multiple opportunities to target the same people with advertising messaged. High frequency is the power behind outdoor advertising, as repeated consumer exposures ensure that brands and messages are remembered.

Coving Panel and Bulkhead advertising is the perfect format for clients who want to engage with their customers on a local or national level. Call us on +971(0)4 372 1277 for your free bus advertising campaign plan.


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