Bus Headliners

Advertising on Headliner passenger panels is a fantastic way to engage and communicate with audiences who experience an extended dwell time on bus journeys.

Bus Headliners sit above the windows on the inside of the bus – fantastic for targeting travellers. Bus passenger numbers continue to increase in the UK and Headliners offer a communication channel to reach this large and growing audience.

Congestion in City Centres coupled with limited parking drivers are opting to travel by bus. 64% of bus passengers in London are of the ABC1 demographic, and depending on your audience target Transport Media can reach any demographic by selecting specific routes, bus operators and locations in the UK with your ad.

Around 5 billion bus journeys are made annually in the UK taking on average 30 minutes – this huge and receptive audience are available to advertisers who choose to advertise on Bus Headliners.

Internal Passenger Panels on buses offer a welcome distraction to an otherwise dull bus journey. Travel is often the only down time people have and they actively look for ways to fill it, passengers on buses welcome your advertising as something to engage with whilst travelling and is a format most suited to call to action messages.

Why Advertise on Bus Headliners

Your bus headliners can include a website address, store location, QR code, competitions, text codes, telephone number, and much more! As passengers have the time to read your ad and engage they will actively use their smart phone to explore your brand.

Bus journeys and routes become routine for each person travelling on their daily commute or venture to the shops, meaning you will have multiple chances for the same people to see your message. High frequency is the power behind outdoor advertising, as repeated consumer exposures ensure that brands and messages are remembered.

Bus Headliner advertising is the perfect format for clients who want to engage with their customers on a local or national level.

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