Fully wrapped

You think a London red double decker bus stands out? You haven’t seen fully wrapped bus advertising!

Fully Wrapped buses are the largest moving advertising format available and are the ultimate branding statement.

You can take complete advertising possession of a bus to achieve unparalleled visual impact. The huge size of the advertising message makes it truly unmissable and provides the largest moving canvass to communicate with your target audience.

Fully wrapped buses are the most premium bus advertising format and create a powerful moving message on the streets of your target city. The wrapped bus commands attention and is absolutely unavoidable to any pedestrians or motorists.

Why Advertise using Wrapped Buses

Fully wrapped bus advertising covers the entire bus – including the windows with thanks to contravision technology. This expansive space offers huge scope for creative design and branding opportunities to showcase your brand, message or products.

This format of advertising isn’t for every marketer’s budget, and the rarity of its use means when a wrapped bus hits the road it is not only noticed but it is also a novelty. Passengers, tourists, commuters – anybody on the street line up to take images of the buses and share them online with their friends and followers – taking the scope of your advertising from the streets to the web and allowing your consumers to engage with the advertising on the move.

Full wrapped buses can be hired to be present at special events and even to transport VIP’s to and from your desired locations.

Transport media can wrap single decker and Double Decker buses all over the UK. Take over the road and drive your campaign down the right route!

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