Illuminated / Twinkle Lights

Illuminated and Twinkle Light bus advertising is an innovative bus advertising format offering non-stop campaign exposure day and night.

Illuminated external bus panels, and Twinkle Lights gain equal levels of consumer exposure not matter what time of day it is, extending the mileage of your campaign at night when other brands lose visibility and are left in the dark.

Illuminated bus advertising panels are evenly backlit and can feature on bus T-Sides and Supersides. Illuminated bus sides ensure continuous visibility at night and are more cost effective compared to LED illuminated / digital billboards and become more accessible to advertisers on a low budget.

Twinkle Light bus advertising gives a stardust effect which flash intermittently. When added to advertising creative the lights allow marketers to highlight accents or important standout images on their campaign. The Twinkle Lights draw the eye of consumers to your advertising and is perfect to highlight products and seasonal campaigns.

Twinkly Bus and Illuminated bus advert add sparkle to your campaign and can be part of LED T-Sides or Supersides – we would around your creative message!

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