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TM Promotes Prestigious School with Bus Advertising Campaign

Transport Media‘s latest bus campaign is promoting an opening day for Headington School, a leading educational charity and a prestigious school for girls ages 3-18.

Taking place on Saturday 7th October, the ad informs people about booking a place online between 10:00am – 12:30pm. The open day gives people the opportunity to visit both the Prep and Senior Schools and is a great way to get to know the school better and talk to teachers and girls before applying.

Headington is a school which promotes values that reflect a forward thinking environment. It is a dynamic institution which has been described as “Excellent in all categories” by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

The campaign begins on the week commencing the 7th August and runs for four weeks. It will be on bus rears around Oxford, targeting parents and highly affluent families.

Bus rear advertising is a great way to target people in busy urban areas especially motorists as they are faced directly towards the advert when caught in traffic.

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