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Birmingham Adoption & Fostering Recruitment Team Encourage the West Midlands to Consider the ‘Little Moments’

Birmingham Fostering - Taxi Tip Seat Transport Media has teamed up with Birmingham City Council Adoption and Fostering Service to drive forward their campaign in promoting adoption in the West Midlands.

A twelve month full livery taxi campaign, reinforced by branded tip seats, will launch across Birmingham taxis on March 4th.

Simple and effective, the emotive livery and tip seat designs feature pictures of children, alongside the message “little moments that make adoption worthwhile.”

The Adoption and Fostering Service’s website and contact number is clearly and boldly displayed to encourage response.

Birmingham City Council Adoption and Fostering Service is the leading agency for adoption and fostering in Birmingham, and is responsible for all of Birmingham’s looked after children.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Transport Media’s parent company Media Agency Group, said:

“Taxi campaigns are able to target mass volumes of consumers, with a full livery format perfect for a long-term campaign such as this. Interior tip seats target captive and valuable ABC1 audiences, and we are pleased to be working to help promote a subject of such importance.”