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Brilliant Buses! Take Your Ads on the Road with a Bus Campaign

If you’re looking to launch a campaign that is cost effective, delivers high brand exposure and can target a certain geographical area, bus advertising takes some beating! Over 90% of the UK population live within five minutes of a bus route, with a range of ad formats available to ensure that your brand or company’s message is seen loud and clear by an ideal target audience.

At Transport Media, we have a range of fantastic bus advertising formats to choose from in order to give your business the exposure it deserves. Whether you’re looking to advertise on the interior of a busy service on bus tickets or headliner panels, or you’re looking to make a big impact on the streets of a town or city with a full wrap or superside advert, our experienced team of transport advertising specialists can get your campaign up and running today. Here are just three popular formats that could help make a big difference to your business or brand.

Full Wrap

As the largest moving advertising format available, fully wrapped buses can help your business make the ultimate branding statement. The huge size of the advertising message makes it impossible for other motorists and pedestrians to miss your campaign, helping your brand stand out on the streets of a busy town or city.

Bermuda Tourism Bus Advertising London Full Wrap


A prominent feature of the UK’s double decker buses, bus superside advertisements demand attention from pedestrians. The average bus covers over 700 miles each week, and by advertising your brand’s campaign above traffic level, this pavement-facing format is the ideal way to catch the eye of shoppers on busy high streets such as London’s Oxford Street.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics London Bus Advertising Superside

Mega Rear

Mega rear bus advertisements offer your brand maximum exposure through head on audience display, putting your adverts literally in front of dozens of other motorists. The ads offer high dwell time when stationary at bus stops or in traffic queues, commanding attention due to their imposing appearance. Available on double and single decker buses, they transform an ordinary bus into an effective mobile billboard which delivers your company’s message to a large and varied target audience in cities and towns. 

London Bus Advertising Mega Rear

These are just three of the fantastic formats that Media Agency Group’s specialist transit advertising subdivision, Transport Media, can use in order to get your brand noticed on the streets. To see what else we could offer your business, get in touch today!