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Caffè Nero promote their coffee experience using Outdoor Advertising

Award winning coffee house chain Caffè Nero is to unveil a nine month Outdoor Advertising campaign focusing on their famed handcrafted coffee to raise brand awareness.

Out of Home International are behind the media planning and buying of the multi format campaign which features roadside six sheets in Central London, Bus Supersides and a fleet of fully wrapped taxis in Greater London.

Sara Carter, Marketing Director at Caffè Nero explained: “We felt this was the ideal approach and message to communicate our authority in serving premium, handcrafted Italian coffee, made with skill by our expert baristas”. The Caffè Nero philosophy is really very simple: Premium Italian coffee. A warm and welcoming atmosphere. Good food and great personal service.

The creative work for the advertising was made by Caffè Nero’s appointed design agency Together Design. The campaign tells the story of the Caffè Nero roasting processing, its secret blend of seven beans, its traditional Italian coffee machines, and its intensive training school where baristas are tested to earn their ‘black shirt’. Katja Thielen, Creative Director at Together, says: “The overall feel of precision, richness and warmth reflects the Caffè Nero coffee experience.”

Outdoor Consultant Maxine Campbell at OOH International specialises in foodservice and hospitality clients and recommended the multi format campaign to Caffè Nero in order to target business commuters, leisure and shopping audiences in Greater London whilst simply engaging in their day-to-day activities.

“In a competitive market where share is vital, Caffè Nero required a competitive medium to tempt consumers and stimulate an impulse buy, or remind them of a planned spend on coffee and food to divert them to their nearest Caffè Nero. The roadside six sheets are strategically placed in close proximity to the stores as a directional tool to trigger desire and entice customers to the coffee houses, whilst the buses and taxis will transport the message into the minds of consumers.”