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Carshalton College Prompt New Students with Transport Media

Transport Media are targeting South East England’s prospective student audience, with an outdoor advertising strategy designed to generate awareness for Carshalton College located in the Greater London Borough of Sutton.

From the 5th August, a combination of bus rears, streetliners and headliners in Croydon and Sutton will be used to encourage college applicants up until the start of the 2013/14 academic year.

Carshalton College - Bus Advertising

Taking a direct and minimal approach, the advert uses a vibrant palate of colours to display three lines of bold text – the first and largest being the school name, followed by a statistically supported claim as ‘the best college in London & Surrey, again’ and concluding with the college website and logo.

Carshalton College has been supplying London and Surrey with further education for over 50 years, supporting students through entry level qualifications and apprenticeships through to Foundation Degrees and business training, covering a diverse range of subjects.

Through the guidance of Transport Media, Carshalton College are able to maximise their marketing potential through the selected format of bus advertising. The planned usage of bus rears, streetliners and headliners will gain exposure across a vastly relevant audience of parents, businesses, adult learners and recent school, thanks to the high-frequency coverage of bus advertising.

Headliner panels will effectively project Carshalton College through the bus interior, benefiting from a prolonged dwell time throughout passenger journeys. Similarly, bus rear adverts will experience extended accessibility as the bus travels in front of road users – particularly in areas of dense traffic. The iconic streetliner platform behaves as an external noticeboard, taking Carshalton College through major public corridors and integrating the advert within surrounding communities thanks to the campaign’s placement on buses based at depots in Croydon and Sutton, which straddle the college location.