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Celebrity Chef Michael Moore promotes ‘Blood Sugar’, the book that breaks the mould in diabetic cooking.

Transport Media have planned a London Bus campaign to promote the personal and inspiring cookbook written by Celebrity Chef Michael Moore following a major stroke which he suffered whilst out to dinner with his family, an event that changed his life, and his outlook on food forever.Transport Media - Blood Sugar - Bus Superside
Transport Media were appointed by New Holland Publishers to handle the four week Outdoor Advertising brief and recommended a Bus Superside campaign to promote the new cook book in Greater London.

New Holland Publishers wanted to touch a large audience to promote the release of ‘Blood Sugar’,  the team at Transport Media recommended bus advertising to establish high opportunity to see and target the London masses.

The Bus Supersides can be seen by those on foot on a street level, and in a safe way whilst driving. Bus advertising is renowned for high coverage and recall with 91% of Londoners able to spontaneously recall a bus advertisement, with 73% claiming they prefer buses in The Capital featuring advertising.

April saw wide coverage of the effectiveness of bus advertising in London, in particular for controversial, religious messages.

Bus advertising is a cost effective format which transports an advertising message out to the public, and is massively effective for retail clients as it lets their audience know the product is out now.

”Being a diabetic doesn’t mean you are stuck in a gastronomic wilderness. You can have great food that’s unexpected and exciting. It’s all about keeping your blood sugar under control and balancing the ingredients to help you maintain good health,” says Michael.

In the book Michael shares the way he manages being a diabetic with inspiring and creative recipes. He includes nutritional tips, how to balance food types and ideas for healthy eating. Inside readers can find easy and stunning recipes for home-cooking, entertaining and family life.

Blood Sugar: Inspiring Recipes for Anyone Facing the Challenge of Diabetes by Michael Moore is published by New Holland Publishers, priced £24.99. Available to buy from