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Combine Your Bus Ads for Profit Power-ups

It’s well known that buses are the high-street medium. If you’re stuck behind a bus it’s all you can see. If you’re on the pavement, seeing the side of a bus is like viewing a cinema screen.

Bus ads are big, bold and brazen. It’s fair to say that it’s a perfect vehicle to use when driving your campaign.

But to leave your brand message out there, solely on the high-street without integrating your campaign across other media, is like fielding a football team without a goalkeeper, or driving that very same bus, but without any gears.

Bus advertising - integrated campaign

Or, like the Super Mario Bros without Luigi, or, you get the picture. To power-up your profit, you need to get your marketing strategy organised early doors.

Figuring out where else your audience can be found will allow you to decide which other formats will benefit your advertising campaign.

When we walk down the high-street and look around us, what are people doing other than admiring all the lovely bus adverts that pass them by? Staring at their phones of course. So the obvious place to go get profit power-ups for your business, is online and into that ever-present world of digital.

Combining transport media with digital advertising can do wonders for your campaign and spread your business message far and wide. This is because digital is slowly but surely becoming the most profitable medium to advertise on in every way.

Even the TV networks (traditionally TV is the biggest profit-maker around) are seeing more money being made from internet-streaming than TV.

Bus advertising - Increase your profit with digital

I want profit power-ups already!

Combining your bus advertising with other marketing is fundamental to ensure your business or brand message reaches your desired target audience.  And of course, get you those all important, revenue boosts and spikes in profit. So what other types of marketing are we talking about?

Well, there are endless possibilities. Really, there are loads. So to get your juices flowing and to light the way for what could be your greatest campaign ever, here are just a few ideas that will boost your bus or taxi advertising…
•    An online SEO campaign

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It’s the work we do that gets people to your website and helps you get to the top of Google’s search pages.

SEO is elementary stuff these days; and why wouldn’t it be when you consider that 700,000 Google searches are made every second. Now, surely you want in on some of that action?

•    Online display adverts

These come in a range of shapes and sizes and you can even get interactive with videos. All display adverts are clickable and can take web users to your website or social media pages where they can share like and buy your products and interact with your business.

Apparently, consumers process around 100,000 adverts online per day. And who said that consumers can’t be reached on the web? If there was ever a testimonial for advertising online, this must be it.

•    App advertising

Bus advertising  - digital can increase your profit

Appvertising allows you to place your brand message in specific apps and in turn affiliate yourself with other brands and their audiences. This can increase your own brand equity and allow you to target and track your campaign in real-time.

Those who use apps, do so in an intensely focussed way. They require undivided attention and so your marketing appears in a premium advertising environment. On average, we spend 2 and a half hours per day on our mobiles and people have around 60 apps downloaded on their phones; most of which have space for your advert. So go get app happy!

Probably the best thing about combining digital with transport media, is that you can tweak and track your online campaigns time and again.

This means that you can study campaign performance and change your strategy accordingly. So eventually, when you’re looking at your performance analytics, those profit power-ups and increased revenue will start to look like a slow and steady, upwards curve.

Remember, folks, it’s a turtle race.