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DW Sports joins up with Transport Media

The health and fitness club, DW Sports, has chosen Transport Media for its latest advertising campaign in Poole.
DW Advan billboard
The campaign will go live on July 31st for 6 days and will be displayed on one of Transport Media’s famous AdVans.

The moving billboard will promote the brands latest offer of 2 months free membership with no joining fee.

The campaign will attract attention from a variety of different audiences throughout Poole. The benefits of an AdVan advertising are unrivalled as it is the only moving advertising format available.

Driving a business message around town with a moving advert is a reliable way to spread your message and get your campaign seen by as many people as possible.

Lee Dentith, CEO of Transport Media’s parent company, Media Agency Group said:

“Displaying a campaign with an AdVan is a hard-hitting way to grab the attention of local residents and visitors to any area. By targeting prominent routes in Poole, the latest DW Sports campaign is sure to remind everyone about the great facilities on offer at the fitness club in Poole.”