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Excelcare Ealing Homecare travels into the hearts of commuters

Family run social care company Excelcare Ealing Homecare are advertising their division’s domiciliary care services in a tightly targeted Bus Superside campaign in the West London Area.

Transport Media - Excelcare Ealing - Bus Superside

Transport Media used sophisticated planning tool to ensure the Outdoor Advertising campaign is targeted to the correct demographic audience and area. The campaign will be navigated from a specifically chosen bus depots and the buses will run through the Ealing Broadway and the suburban areas of Ealing.

Direct communications to Excelcare’s target audience ensures no advertising wastage. Outdoor Advertising is an effective way to influence the decisions of service users in the area and encourage them to choose their domiciliary service from Excelcare Ealing Homecare.

Outdoor Advertising is important for shaping public opinion, and the Bus Supersides can be seen and discussions shared by the residents of Ealing. Word of mouth and public opinion are important for growth of local services; companies using Outdoor Advertising are seen as trustworthy businesses offering a quality service they are proud of, as they are happy to place their message in the public arena.

Excelcare Ealing Homecare prides themselves on providing tailored levels of care to individuals and improving their quality of life. “As one of the Ealing’s leading in-home care providers, we offer the best of compassionate care for the elderly. It is our goal to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our clients, and this is exactly what we do – every day”. The emotive artwork on the side of the buses highlights Excelcare Ealing Homecare’s commitment to care, reinforcing the brand message through poignant imagery.

Strong creative work can convey a message in a powerful way and the tagline ‘Referring someone you love to someone you trust’ rings true to those individuals who require homecare for themselves or their loved ones. Outdoor Advertising is a powerful visual medium and the image of the joyful elderly couple portrays the happiness service users feel when appointing Excelcare Ealing Homecare.

Excelcare Ealing Homecare will enjoy the effects of high cover and high frequency viewing of their advertising by residents in Ealing, who have a great opportunity to see the bus advertising. The multi functioning campaign, advertising their care services and career opportunities and will run for two weeks from Monday 24th October.

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For more information on Excelcare Ealing Homecare contact [email protected] or visit their website