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Forgot to Book a Table? Do it in the Taxi.

Wi-Fi - Taxi - LondonIn the knowledge that 75% of Londoners would be more likely to hop into a taxi if it supported free Wi-Fi connectivity, Transport for London have agreed on a universal sticker which will be slapped onto cabs that offer Wi-Fi access. 

The frustration experienced when the internet is not readily available will soon be minimised, as a fleet of 300 digitally enabled taxis will proudly display the TfL approved stamp, providing relief to the 86% of Londoners who expect friends and family to be able to contact them across any channel whilst riding inside a taxi.

This additional taxi feature will also allow brands to maximise on the 79% of passengers who spend their journey browsing the web, opening up opportunities for NFC marketing – as demonstrated in a 3-month trial by Ubiquitous in March 2013, during which their CabConnect service brought free Wi-Fi access to 225 taxis and allowed Microsoft to benefit as the campaign sponsor.

With the new Wi-Fi tag, brands sponsoring the taxi can further enhance their profile by targeting passengers’ mobile devices – particularly those in the entertainment sector, as 48% use their journey to reserve a restaurant table and 56% check cinema times. Furthermore, 68% of travellers who sit in the taxi spend their time on social networks, meaning that successful adverts can gain further coverage across the likes of Twitter and Instagram.