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Free Wi-Fi on Public Transport Keeps Commuters Connected

The arrival of Wi-Fi on public transport has transformed the possibilities available to advertisers. The London Overground and Underground networks are already Wi-Fi enabled and accessible at the majority of stations.

This week, Glasgow was the first Scottish city to offer free public Wi-Fi after an agreement was reached with the council and BT to provide the service for the next 8 years.

Transport Media with Wi-Fi

Wi-Taxi technology also launched on 12 June in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here, 75 commuters use the service on a daily basis, per vehicle. In total, approximately 4,500 daily commuters are using the free Wi-Fi service.

With these recent announcements, it seems that free Wi-Fi in public places is proving a huge success.

And so, taxi advertising has never looked more appealing. Businesses and brands can advertise in environments where consumers can then immediately access them online.

Of course, anyone with a mobile has long been able to go online, share, like and engage with a brand after having just seen an advert or piece of marketing. The free Wi-Fi access simply offers an incentive to do this much more quickly.

So if you’re looking to advertise a campaign, doing so on public transport can open up your business to a huge mobile-ready audience.
And don’t forget, you also get the benefit of reaching a huge, moving and urban audience outside the bus or taxi on which you’ve advertised.

The ubiquitous nature of Wi-Fi on public transport only goes to show that commuters are tech savvy and have clearly taken to the service.

It also benefits travelling tourists and commuters coming from destinations outside of the UK. When once they may have been reluctant to connect to the web while travelling, for fear of running up huge data bills on returning home, Wi-Fi hotspots now mean that tourists can log on without this issue.

Yet further proof of mobile advertising’s global and real-time reach.

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