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Gadget Cover’s Train Car Panel Advertising Campaign

Transport Media have orchestrated an advertising campaign for insurance company Gadget Cover, broadcasting their brand across train car panels in the English capital of London. The adverts will be present for a fortnight, offering the public a promotional code that saves them 10% and also gives them one month free.


By directing their marketing strategy at the metropolitan region of London, Gadget Cover are exposing themselves to a portion of the nation who are likely to be in possession of multiple electronic devices. Transport Media’s experience with the industry enables the brand to maximise their visual potential through a tactical selection of format and location, as train users are more likely to fall within the ABC1 demographic, with commuters often using this form of transport as a site within which to operate their laptops, tablets, mp3 players and mobile phones – all of which can be insured by Gadget Cover.

Gadget Cover Train Car Panel

Designed by Transport Media’s in-house production team, the advert features photographic images presenting the array of gadgets which can be insured by the company, underscored by the Gadget Cover logo and the web address. A comparison with other reputable brands highlights the competitive pricing on offer, followed by a bullet point list of benefits to encourage the public towards A promotional code is featured in a cobalt blue circle, drawing attention to the offer in order to further entice onlookers.


Gadget Cover, part of Supercover Insurance, provide insurance cover for gadgets – including mobile phones, cameras laptops, iPods, televisions, and more. The brand intends to provide comprehensive risk management solutions for the public’s electronic possessions, striving for affordable prices and a service based on integrity and honesty.