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Green Bus Shelters

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is the facilitator of a Carbon Management Plan, in which it has replaced the incandescent bulbs on over 2000 bus shelters with energy-efficient LED lights. Boasting both a longer lifespan and also a more envionmentally friendly and low-energy consuming resource, the replacement of large amounts of bus shelters will culminate in significant electricity savings on the National Grid. So now advertising on bus shelters comes with an environmentally friendly bonus, not to mention brighter lighting!

In addition to this South Yorkshire scheme, the city of Tiruchi in southern India has developed and installed solar-powered bus shelters, complete with mobile phone charging capability. These intelligent objects have solar panels which collect energy, and adjust lighting levels according to their available power reserve – meaning pedestrians (and adverts) won’t be left in the dark. Again, this provides a cost-effective alternative to conventional lighting methods, allowing electrical usage to be minimised.  

Solar Bus Shelter

Although designs and implementation are still in infant stages, the potential to reduce electrical usage whilst also benefiting advertising spaces will hopefully spread its wings further into the marketing world. With the Tiruchi shelters contemplating the option to also power an FM Radio, the concept could provide additional scope to construct innovative multi-format advertising campaigns. 

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