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Heineken Give Away: Free Taxi Rides

The beer company from Holland is giving away free rides to anyone who buys a beer using a unique Heineken app.

As part of the brand’s Open Your City campaign which is ongoing, a fleet of Heineken-branded taxis will transport people across the capital, offering them the chance to ‘discover’ London.
These events will take place on the first Saturday of each month.

Transport media - Heineken taxi ride competition

Consumers taking part need to download the new Star cabs app and use it to buy a Heineken at once of the 30 ‘destination bars’. These are found in locations such as Brixton, Clapham, Shoreditch, Camden, Notting Hill and Balham.

The winners of the mobile competition will then be taken to a bar, greeted by a host and given the opportunity to ‘choose where the night takes them and truly open up their city’.
Brand director of world lager at Heineken said:

“Star Cabs is the flagship UK brand experience of our Open Your City campaign. It’s an ingenious way to imbue the global campaign with an unforgettable experiential twist that’s unique to London.

“By nudging Londoners into exploring the rest of the city, we can more than achieve our goal of becoming a brand enabler whilst giving consumers a genuinely valuable experience that will put Heineken at the front of their minds.”

The Star Cabs campaign, by agency RPM, follows the launch of a Heineken’s @wherenext app, allowing users in London and New York to discover nearby venues that are trending across social networks.

This is a great example of transport media being used effectively alongside another format to deliver an interactive and memorable campaign. A tangible journey with the brand is created and the focus on the consumers experience also makes this a stand-out exercise in successful branding which fully-engages the consumer.

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