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Huddle Vs. Yammer

Communication companies battle it out over Outdoor Advertising
Huddle is the enterprise content collaboration company that is helps organisations across the globe collaborate intelligently. 
Huddle contacted Transport Media looking to promote job vacancies in their London office, wishing the advert to be in close proximity to their competitors Yammer, who were recently purchased by Microsoft for $1.2 billion in June. Transport Media recommended mobile vehicle advertisingwith a joint Advan and Adbike campaign. This form of media is an amazing way to place a campaign directly to the audience where many other formats could simply not reach. 
As Huddle’s software is free from Microsoft, they chose this as their USP and the Advan ran with the slogan ‘Don’t want to work for Microsoft? Come join our brand.’
The Advan and Adbike parked outside the London Head Office of Yammer, their main competitor which offers similar software for businesses, but are part of Microsoft. The mobile vehicles are designed to attract Yammer employees who may not want to join Microsoft.
The Advan sparked a Twitter to and fro between both companies, firstly with a tweet from Yammer Director Georg Ell:

Huddle tweeted from their own account an update on the Advan:

So the Yammer team went and had their picture taken with the Advan…
And then came the following tweet with the Photoshopped image:

The Advan and Adbike created a lot of exposure for the cheeky Huddle team and featured in Business Insider. Huddle have since declared “Microsoft will kill Yammer” (Huddle CEO Alastair Mitchell) in an article for London Loves Business.