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International outdoor revenues increase by 11% for Clear Channel

Global company Clear Channel International are celebrating their successes in outdoor revenues after triumphantly coming back from a loss of $13.1m (£8.2m) in 2010, with an income before income taxes of $20.8m (13.1m).

International outdoor revenues increased $39 million, or 11%, compared to the third quarter of 2010, resulting primarily from higher street furniture revenue across most of its markets, especially China. Bob Pittman, Executive Chairman of the Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Board of Directors also recognised the importance of Digital Outdoor Advertising in the growth of Outdoor Advertising, and their profits.

“We are pleased with the Company’s performance this quarter, both in the Americas and internationally,” said Bob Pittman, “Looking ahead, I am excited about this opportunity to work closely with Ron Cooper (Americas chief executive) and William Eccleshare (international chief executive) to learn more about what else we can do to realise the full potential of our outdoor advertising businesses globally – especially in such innovative growth areas as digital displays.”

Clear Channel UK, part of Clear Channel International has a growing portfolio, which is currently made up of over half a million displays. Sites include traditional and digital formats on roadside billboards, street furniture and in retail, point of sale, airport, transit and lifestyle environments.

With thanks to our close working relationship with Clear Channel, we are able to offer the latest digital formats available including the first roadside digital six sheet network – the LD6.

The LD6 allows advertisers to target their campaign by specific dates and times, tailor advertising copy to exact locations and add interactive elements through links to mobile and social media.

Transport Media were also invited to the launch of Socialite, high definition digital screens located in urban pubs and bars, and can recommend this to our clients targeting to a young, affluent audiences.

We are fully involved in new developments from all media owners in the UK and around the world, and as an agency we are able to negotiate favourable rates, offering our clients tightly targeted, great value campaigns.

Visit our Digital Outdoor Advertising Section for more information on this medium.