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Leicestershire Police Appoint Transport Media To Manage Local Ad Campaign

Directed by Transport Media, Leicestershire Police Force are using the outdoor format of bus advertising to implement a high-impact local campaign. Responsible for the Midlands county of Leicestershire, the Force is raising awareness for housing security, particularly during the festive season. For a month-long duration, the publicly accessible police advice will feature in a heavyweight bus passenger panel campaign throughout Leicestershire in backing of National Burglary Week.

Drawing the attention of onlookers with a bold ‘Safe as Houses?’ slogan, the advert features a central image of a potential burglar approaching a house. Divided into separate day and night information sections, useful tips are listed on either side of the graphic, endorsed via police and Crimestoppers logos. With the average bus travelling over 700 miles per week, the advert will receive a high dwell time from drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians. In the current digital age of substantial smartphone usage, a QR code is positioned on the advert as a valuable embellishment capable of directing people to the Leicestershire Police Force website.

Leicester Police - Bus Rear

The campaign works in support of Leicestershire Police Force’s ‘Operation Dynamo’, launched in August to continue the county’s 13-year burglary low by raising public attentiveness towards tackling theft-related crime.  Providing the obligatory 24/7 policing service which covers 2,500 square kilometres, Leicestershire Police Force are encouraging the community to be particularly alert over Christmas to allow the Force to work as effectively as possible.

Outdoor advertising can instantly saturate a public area to quickly provide large coverage for advertising transmission, meaning that the message from Leicestershire Police Force can be implemented into the back of the community’s minds, particularly with houses left unattended way into night-time merriment. Transport Media have exhaustive experience in this promotional sector, allowing Leicestershire Police Force the security of knowing their campaign is in capable hands.