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London commuters to feel the love from Bermuda Tourism

Bermuda Department of Tourism are launching a twelve month multi format Outdoor Advertising campaign with specialist agency Out of Home International, appointed by the department’s UK based consumer and trade PR agency, Publicasity. The campaign is to promote Britain’s love affair with Bermuda and encourage further visits to the Island.

Over the next year the UK’s Capital City will be awash with tropical pink Outdoor Advertising featuring on a fully wrapped London Bus, train passenger panels, and a fleet of fully branded taxis targeting business commuters, leisure and shopping audiences in Greater London.

William Griffith, Bermuda’s Director of Tourism, commented: “Bermuda is a best in class luxury destination and we are excited to be reminding the UK of all it has to offer. We will be targeting international business, leisure and the group incentive markets.”

The campaign will begin with an iconic London double-decker bus fully wrapped in advertising designed by Bermuda Department of Tourism’s internal creative team. The bright, fully wrapped bus provides maximum impact on a London landmark. Fully adorned with the image of vibrant pink sands instinctive of the Island, clear blue sea and a pair of Bermuda shorts the eye catching bus will showcase the message ‘Closer than you think’, website details and the ‘Feel the love’ branding on the side of the bus, and ‘Only seven hours from London Gatwick’ on the rear.

The bus will spend the next 12 weeks covering London’s busiest routes. Not only will it pass by some of the city’s most famous landmarks, such as Piccadilly Circus and Big Ben, but they will also be seen by millions of U.K. residents simply engaged in their day-to-day activities.

To captivate further business commuters with Bermuda Department of Tourism’s advertising; a four week train passenger panel campaign will run on lines in London & the South East targeting 3.9 million individuals of an AB demographic travelling into Central London. 65% of commuters using these lines earn above the national average and are 185% more likely than average to earn over £75k per anum (KBH). The train car panels are also adorned with iconic images from the Island, the ‘Feel the love’ branding and website details. 83% frequent rail users access the internet at least once per day and they are twice as likely to own a smart phone, and with the average dwell time of 30 minutes there is plenty of time for the commuter to consume and react to the on-train advertising and visit the website.

Ideal for long term brand awareness campaigns, taxi full liveries will run alongside the bus and rail advertising, carrying on for a full twelve months to add weight to the overall media strategy. Taxi Advertising is seen by over 30,000,000 people each week, outside shops, train stations, airports and key business districts.

Bermuda Department of Tourism’s fully branded taxis will be seen at ranks and at significant waiting points in all city centre locations. 89% of ABC1 consumers find taxi advertising informative, and 40% of business commuters surveyed confirmed they used taxis for travelling to meetings during the day.

Drivers of the Bermuda Department of Tourism taxis are acting as brand ambassadors and during the campaign launch they are getting into the holiday mood and opting to wear characteristic Bermuda shorts and interacting with passengers, offering information of the branding and holiday destination whilst in their taxi, offering a one-to-one marketing experience with commuters.

Out of Home International recommended the taxis run for twelve months in addition to print, broadcast and other Outdoor activity to support Publicasity’s overall consumer campaign. The team at OOH International have effectively utilised the opportunity to gain extra exposure to an amplified audience by targeting the campaign to surround one of the most historic events of recent decades, The 2012 Olympics.

Taxis will be seen by the extra 600,000 extra visitors in London each day during the Olympic period, with taxis being one of the recommended transport options by London 2012.

“Visitors to the UK won’t be watching TV, reading UK newspapers or listening to radio but outdoor will be visible throughout the Games and in the run up.” Mike Baker, CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre

Bermuda’s luxury holidays are already a big hit with European tourists because of the region’s incredibly varied history, architecture and culture. The small Island is blessed with stunning scenery from stunning pink beaches to quaint ports and plenty of activities for holiday makers.

The outdoor campaign has been commissions to create new compelling reasons to visit, encourage repeat holiday makers as well as entice new incremental visitation to the island.

See coverage of the campaign in The Drum, Breaking Travel News, The Royal Gazette, Bermuda Sun, The Holiday Place and The Publicasity website.