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Look For Longer

It generated a 2:1 payback in earned media, reached over 7 million people and received 297,205 unique hits from 170 countries between the 3rd October launch and its final display date of 11th November. CBS Outdoor’s ‘Look For Longer’ campaign is a prime demonstration of the far-reaching possibilities of outdoor marketing.  

With inventive cryptic images devised to represent 75 London tube stations, the poster encouraged onlookers to interact via Twitter and guess the answers, with the incentive of winning prizes. Generating 7,000 online social networking reactions on CBS Outdoor pages and prompting reactions on various digital platforms, the laterally-thinking visual promotion of London has sparked interest in this new communication device. It provokes prolonged consumer engagement, planting a deep brand image and encouraging repeated correspondence. 

As outdoor and social media fuse together, they hint at a future involving powerful levels of marketing. Transport Media provides an accomplished transport advertising service alongside adjacent the outdoor talents of subdivision Out Of Home International, not forgetting their sister company ClickTap Media which operates on a digital level. Under the parent business Media Agency Group, the collection of specialist teams can work to bespoke briefs and consequently give your company the strength and guidance to develop a dynamic campaign.