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Navigating Away From A Rotten Apple.

It causes life-threatening situations, it was publicly mocked by Samsung, and it mis-locates towns by quite embarrassing distances. Apple Maps aren’t all that great, really.


If fully grown humans are relying this heavily on a digital device that fails to reach 5 inches in height, it is entirely possible that maybe we are more robotic than the technology we trust our lives with. While Australians were stuck 45 miles away from their intended destination in unbearable heat, Helsinki Central Railway Station has been transformed into a park and the Eiffel Tower had been flattened – not to mention Paddington Station being obliterated.

But fear not dear phone user, for Google has made a valiant return. From today, your trusty Google Map app is available for free download in the iTunes store. If Apple stick to the hardware and Google stick to the software, maybe Transport Media can help you to build a more positive reputation than these failings. Contact our advertising specialists to plan and implement your own brand across everything from rail stations to airport billboards. If you can find them, that is…