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Nigel Farage Features in Mobile Ad Campaign

UKip politician Nigel Farage has featured in an advert campaign for an extra-marital affairs website.

Victoria Milan, Europe’s largest infidelity dating site claims to have around four million members across the world. They have used Mr Farage smiling and holding a pint of beer under the headline,

‘German wife? British Mistress? Now I can have both.’

The advert references allegations earlier this year that Mr Farage had an affair with his press officer. His second wife was born in Germany.

The mobile ad campaign was unveiled this week outside the UKip offices in Mayfair and will be visible for two weeks.

Sigurd Vedal, founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, said:

‘Every one of us has weaknesses and so does Mr Farage. His colleagues have publicly admitted that women are his biggest weakness, and media reports have confirmed this fact.

‘The story of Mr. Farage is a warning to anyone who wants to keep his or her affairs out of the front pages. At Victoria Milan we make sure every affair stays secret – whether you’re a famous politician, or a wife upset with her husband for leaving her at home while he’s dancing in a Mediterranean nightclub.’

The mobile advertising van has made good use of a current news story to raise brand awareness for the online dating site.

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